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Founded by a golf professional who wants to be a surfer and a surf professional who wants to be a golfer, Eggs Golf is a young innovative golf brand that brings fresh air in the traditional world of golf melting toghether top performance and unique style.

The research for the perfect product has been intense,stimulating and tough for our crew of golf professional  players that has worked very hard to find out the best ball that delivers outstanding performance on all shots and in any condition.Our aim was to find out a tour-level ball that we could supply on Eggs Golf at the lowest price. And we made it! Eggs golf balls are second to none in performance and price.

This is why we are very proud of our balls and we honestly  believe there is no reason why you shouldn’t try Eggs.


Golf alone made my life brilliant, full of opportunities and fun.It made me know loads of people and made me visit numerous places supporting myself in learning different languages and experiencing different cultures. Golf changed to the better my personality making myself a better man. It’s a never-ending stimulating trip.

I hope my sons will embrace golf with passion. Eggs golf is my small contribute to keep golf alive making it more popular.

Niccolò Giusti – Golf Professional

Since I met Niccoló I undestood golf was more than a snobby hobby. It was first of all a true sport in which passion, training and MIND were necessary to go on and enjoy. And that  was why I entered into the wonderful world of golf.  And my aim is making all young guys know its beauty as I do daily with surf. And that’s why I am in Eggs Golf, trying to help everybody improving not spending too much!

Riccardo Villetti – Surf Professional

Niccolo' Giusti

Niccolo`Giusti and Riccardo Villetti